Leading a spiritually disciplined life as a person with ADHD…


shutterstock_123414757All good Christians get up early in the morning to pray, read the Bible and quietly reflect upon God, don’t they? On the other hand, is it possible that there are kids and adults out there who truly have a heart for God even though they don’t engage in the central spiritual practices of the Christian faith as frequently or consistently as some in the church would think is optimal?

Persons with ADHD will expend more mental effort and energy to maintain a spiritually disciplined life. In an earlier post, we discussed some of the difficulties kids and adults with ADHD have with maintaining focus, delaying gratification, setting priorities, managing time and exhibiting self-control because of weaknesses in executive functioning. Let’s consider how those weaknesses might come into play when attempting to use some of the disciplines…

Prayer: Kids and adults with ADHD are more likely to struggle in setting…

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